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One Legged Cat

Why yes!  We did kick out a cat with only one leg.  Hahahahaha!  Just kidding. Meet McKenzie.  Mac is a male, NEUTERED, 5 year Siamese mix.  This frisky feline has been the star of quite a few blog posts.  From … Continue reading

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Urination Station (a.k.a. The Fireplace)

So, I think maybe I’m stressing out the animals.  I mean I’m super excited about the baby coming, but also a little nervous about doing everything right and having everything ready…which I know is impossible.  There is no room for … Continue reading

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Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pet

So, I’ve only been a licensed veterinarian for a little over a year, but man am I already sick of hearing excuses for why people don’t want to “fix”, spay, neuter, castrate, sterilize, “take away manhood/motherhood”, etc.  And no I’m … Continue reading

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Kitty Loves Water

Cats aren’t supposed to like water…right?  Well, Annabelle loves it.   I mean she doesn’t exactly love baths, the whole getting soapy, and soaking her entire body with water pisses her off.  But she never tries to retaliate (no vicious bites … Continue reading

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Baby Movements

When I found out I was pregnant I could NOT WAIT to feel the baby move. Well, Ms. Mary James made her presence known at around 19 weeks. Ben and I spent a good week or two trying to “catch” … Continue reading

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Ugly Kitten

When Annabelle was around one, we decided she needed a friend of the feline persuasion. You know someone she could snuggle with, share complaints of just how stupid we humans really are (I guess she would be doing most of … Continue reading

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Meet the Furry Murrays

Listen to Post Me, I’m a veterinarian, soon-to-be mother, controlled obsessive-compulsive, southern gal.  I’m a talker (yes I can see those of you who know me nodding your heads), so what better way to “talk” about the things I love, … Continue reading

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