The first day of school! And ballet 😉

Daddy got to spend d the first day of kindergarten with Callie!

Lily is loving dance this year!

Annabeth’s first time headed to church! (6 weeks old) she was over laying down and not being held by mama 🙂

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Apple picking & New office

Went to the Smith orchard to pick apples with the family and Grammy! The kids all had a blast. Jude was in thralled with the tractor in the field nearby.

We also went to Winchester, to check out daddy’s new office in downtown. The kids got restless so we walked around the square.

Jude had a cold but is feeling better! He was extra snuggly. 😉

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Sweet baby #5…26 weeks!

Wow! So hard to believe it’s April and you will be arriving in July! We are all SO excited to meet you sweet baby girl! Your big sisters want you here now!! 😉 We found out the weekend after Thanksgiving that I was pregnant.

We waited until 13 weeks to announce your arrival!

Name possibilities:

  • Anna
  • Annabeth
  • Annabelle
  • Julianna 

You are kicking and stretching up a storm. A few days ago I felt either your little bottom or head pushing against my belly. 🙂 We all wonder what color eyes you will have? Jude is the only blue eyed kiddo right now…Mary James, Callie & Lily all have beautiful, big brown eyes. 

So thrilled God decided to add you to our family. We love you sweet baby Anna! 

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Dances and Soccer

The girls’ school had a fun parent-child dance this weekend! The girls had a blast! Callie was the first one out of the dance floor starting the dance!

Mary James also had her first soccer game this week. She got to try out goalie and absolutely loved it!

Lily is into accessorizing! She doesn’t think she’s totally dress and less she has a purse and necklace and some sunglasses oh and a few toys too!

Jude has the best time playing outside! He was coloring his face with the chalk and tasting some to some too. He is so sweet with Annabeth! We were so worried about him being jealous when she arrived because he is so little. He has been the sweetest big brother, he gets upset when she cries and tries to comfort her. He calls Annabeth”baby.” 😉

Annabeth is changing so much! She is starting to smile and coo and babble little bit. She still really loves to be held most of the time which is great because I love to hold her! Everyone loves her fuzzy fluffy hair it makes us all smile!

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The Murrays at 6 weeks

All our sweet babies around 6 weeks old.❤️

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Favorite Book Character

Kindergarten– Pinkalicious 

1st grade–Mary Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie


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Daddy Daughter(s) Dance


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Lily age 3

lily: Mama? I wanna play in the sprinter!!Me: It’s too cold baby.

Lily: Make it hot mama. Okay? Please mama you make it hot…I play in sprinker 🙂


“Yes mama! I otay! I fall but i otay!”


Lily: look at my lips mama. 

Me: Lily did you put lipstick on?

Lily: I did!!! I like it!

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Baby missionary?

Callie: Mama? I prayed for you to have another baby.Me: you did?!

Callie: yup. (Patting my belly) You know what mama? The baby in your belly might be a missionary. 
Lily: I think you’re going to have another Judy brother mama.

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Baby #5…big sister funnies

Showed Lily her baby sister’s ultrasound L: EWWW EWW EWWW! Yucky!

Where are her dresses?

Me: she naked right now


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