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WW: What a difference 5 months make

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Kickin’ the Cat Out

I feel horrible.  Guilty even.  But McKenzie has to go outside.  For good. The urine spraying started before Mary James was born.  We thought it was stress.  I got one of those Feliway plug-ins thinking it would help suppress his … Continue reading

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Frozen Calendar After Baby

I’m in the bathroom last night getting ready for bed, and noticed this: A calendar that has been frozen in time on August 27, 2008.  Don’t ask me why that poor dog has on such a tacky pink outfit, it’s … Continue reading

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Look ma, no hands!

I’ve always liked to multi-task, who doesn’t?  Like cooking lasagna with a fussy baby strapped to your chest, and trying to talk on the phone at the same time.   As Mary James’ gravy train, I gotta refuel, so eating … Continue reading

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Everlasting Gobstopper…eh Gobstump

WARNING: Picture of an umbilical cord stump to follow post So, the umbilical cord stump is supposed to dry up and fall in 1-2 weeks after birth.  Key words: supposed to.  I have faithfully been cleaning Mary James’ stump with … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Hotel Room

So, I’m sitting in a hotel in Atlanta watching Mary James sleep while Ben is doing techy stuff for the Intellectbase conference.  When we first arrived last night, I had a little freak out.  What was I thinking bringing a … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Brain

Normally I am an over-organized, perfectionistic, OCD freak.  Versus Ben, who can stand a pair of socks to “live” on his desk for over a month…yeah.  Throughout undergrad and vet school, I color-coded my notes for ease of studying.  Darker … Continue reading

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