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MJ First Ice Cream Cone!

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Lily LOVES Ice Cream

Just like her Grammy, Lily absolutely loves ice cream!! She’s eating a mini salted caramel ice cream bar in these pics at Grammy and Dadoo’s house!

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Baking Buddies

I tried my hand at making the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls.  They turned out pretty good, although I think I went a tad bit heavy on the icing.  But who doesn’t like a lot of icing on a cinnamon roll, … Continue reading

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WW: Fridge Fun

“Hmm…I think this tomato needs to go mom.” “Much better…now what else shall I pull out?  Decisions, decisions.” Recently (since baby has arrived), I have had a bad habit of leaving the fridge door open randomly.  Never good to come … Continue reading

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Sparkly Green Beans

Yesterday, Mary James was happily noshing on cheese and peaches when I decided to warm up a few green beans for her lunch.  I placed a few on a microwaveable dish and then popped them in the microwave. Approximately five … Continue reading

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Broccoli, Avocados and Peaches…Oh My!

Mary James may be petite (she’s around 10-15 % in height and weight), but man can she eat!  She started refusing baby food around nine and half months.  Oh and did I mention she has learned to shake her head … Continue reading

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Food Poisoning: The quickest diet ever

I’m baaaack.  Finally I have a little time to blog again! Shoney’s restaurant, “…”a down-home” restaurant, where folks can gather to enjoy our great food and great service for a great value!”  Or so their site proclaims.  Shoney’s = Denny’s … Continue reading

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Teaching Sorta Old Dogs New Tricks

Okay, so Lucy and Bentley aren’t exactly old, but still.  Getting them to learn anything new, especially Lucy, is like “trying to push butter up a hill with a hot knife.” Sorry, for the stupid analogy.  That’s what it’s called … Continue reading

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Frosting Update

So…I finished making “real” swiss buttercream frosting. Whipping up the sugar and egg whites. Butter and vanilla added. Frosting turned out great.  EXCEPT…  Turns out I don’t like “real” buttercream frosting.  In fact, I thought it was quite gross.  Personally, … Continue reading

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Buttercream Frosting

So I’m making another cake.  Yeah.  Don’t know why I’m wanting cake…ALL the time.  Mmm…. I’m going to make a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  I know.  You were expecting something really exotic, right?  Like pumpkin cake with caramel … Continue reading

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