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New Trampoline!!

We got a trampoline for Callie’s early birthday present! The girls love it!! Even Lily giggles while she watches her big sisters bounce. We hasn’t completely finished putting up the safety net or the pad that covers the springs but … Continue reading

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Front porch swing

One of my favorite things to do when each of the girls have been newborns/babies is to sit on the front porch swing and snuggle them or nurse them. It is such a sweet, memorable time with my precious girls. … Continue reading

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Coupon Clipping

Coupons.  I love them!  Geez…I’m old.  I get seriously disappointed when there are no coupons in the Sunday paper. I even have an accordion style coupon organizer.  Gasp! Okay, so you probably saw that coming.  But, at least they’re not … Continue reading

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High effiency washing machines…not for the distracted.

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  Don’t we all?  I’m getting ready to leave my daughter with a babysitter, and go back to work part-time.  I know tons of other mommies have done it and I know I … Continue reading

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New Era

The election yesterday was incredible for numerous reasons. First, there were record numbers of people who voted. Especially young people (18-29 year olds). Maybe we can beat the apathy wrap. And hey the person I voted for actually won, which … Continue reading

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Rug Eating Dog

I want a rug in front of the door the dogs go in and out of to collect dirt. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! I can’t really remember how many rugs we have gone through in the past year. I … Continue reading

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Obama sign officially stolen. And it was the “good one” that said Obama-Biden. Good thing we have a back-up sign. Actually, it’s sad we have a back-up sign. Ben seems to think we are just are stirring up the fire, … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Hotel Room

So, I’m sitting in a hotel in Atlanta watching Mary James sleep while Ben is doing techy stuff for the Intellectbase conference.  When we first arrived last night, I had a little freak out.  What was I thinking bringing a … Continue reading

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Buicks: Not just for the grey haired crowd

NOTE: I thought I had already published this before Mary James was born.  Hmm…  Oh well. Here goes. Ben and I are now a two Buick family.  Yes, I have given him crap about driving his Le Sabre since he … Continue reading

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Labor and Love

Two days after my last blog post, Time Bomb, about waiting for the arrival of my sweet daughter, I went into labor 2 weeks early!  I had finally managed to get a hair appointment that week, as I had played … Continue reading

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