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Teaching Sorta Old Dogs New Tricks

Okay, so Lucy and Bentley aren’t exactly old, but still.  Getting them to learn anything new, especially Lucy, is like “trying to push butter up a hill with a hot knife.” Sorry, for the stupid analogy.  That’s what it’s called … Continue reading

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Four Golden Tornados

This weekend we “pet-sat” for our good friend Adam, and my parents.  Adam has a gorgeous, full-of-energy, male Golden Retriever named Sully who is one year old.  My parents have a two year old Golden Retriever named Max, who sadly … Continue reading

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WW: What a difference 5 months make

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Mr. Whiny Pants

Bentley has started a new obnoxious behavior since Mary James has arrived. He has become the insufferable Mr. Whiny Pants.  My normal morning routine is to feed the dogs and let them outside, while I nurse the baby. Bentley has … Continue reading

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Rug Eating Dog

I want a rug in front of the door the dogs go in and out of to collect dirt. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! I can’t really remember how many rugs we have gone through in the past year. I … Continue reading

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Bad Bentley Binges on Brownies

So last week as McKenzie was spraying urine in the fireplace, Bentley spent his nights eating/destroying random things in the house.  He is almost 4.5 years old and is definitely old enough to know better. It started with the complete … Continue reading

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Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pet

So, I’ve only been a licensed veterinarian for a little over a year, but man am I already sick of hearing excuses for why people don’t want to “fix”, spay, neuter, castrate, sterilize, “take away manhood/motherhood”, etc.  And no I’m … Continue reading

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Pregnancy Brain

Normally I am an over-organized, perfectionistic, OCD freak.  Versus Ben, who can stand a pair of socks to “live” on his desk for over a month…yeah.  Throughout undergrad and vet school, I color-coded my notes for ease of studying.  Darker … Continue reading

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Baby Birds Born

Quick update on the 5 bird eggs (pretty sure they’re Robin eggs) I doused w/ Miracle Gro.  All of the baby birds have hatched!!  Oh, and they’re not ginormous from the fertilizer…hee hee!  Here’s a pic of the babies, and … Continue reading

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Baby Movements

When I found out I was pregnant I could NOT WAIT to feel the baby move. Well, Ms. Mary James made her presence known at around 19 weeks. Ben and I spent a good week or two trying to “catch” … Continue reading

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