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Tell Me Thursday: Kitty Tales

This week my Wordless Wednesday documented a common sight in our house.  Mary James “loving on” one of the cats. Annabelle is the cat receiving the baby pats.  She is the perfect kid-friendly-cat!  Anna-B is sweet as pie and more … Continue reading

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Frozen Calendar After Baby

I’m in the bathroom last night getting ready for bed, and noticed this: A calendar that has been frozen in time on August 27, 2008.  Don’t ask me why that poor dog has on such a tacky pink outfit, it’s … Continue reading

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The Scoop on Cat Litter

Man there are a ton of cat litter choices out there!  Choosing a litter at a pet store has become a daunting task.  Clumping or not?  Crystals?  Perfumed or no?  Litter that changes color?    My cats are not terribly picky … Continue reading

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Kitty Loves Water

Cats aren’t supposed to like water…right?  Well, Annabelle loves it.   I mean she doesn’t exactly love baths, the whole getting soapy, and soaking her entire body with water pisses her off.  But she never tries to retaliate (no vicious bites … Continue reading

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Deaf Cat Arrives Home

The summer before my senior year of college my roommate and I decided we needed a kitten, like we needed a hole in our heads.  But so began our search for the perfect apartment cat.  I called my fiance, Ben, … Continue reading

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