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One Legged Cat

Why yes!  We did kick out a cat with only one leg.  Hahahahaha!  Just kidding. Meet McKenzie.  Mac is a male, NEUTERED, 5 year Siamese mix.  This frisky feline has been the star of quite a few blog posts.  From … Continue reading

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Tell Me Thursday: Kitty Tales

This week my Wordless Wednesday documented a common sight in our house.  Mary James “loving on” one of the cats. Annabelle is the cat receiving the baby pats.  She is the perfect kid-friendly-cat!  Anna-B is sweet as pie and more … Continue reading

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Tell Me Thursday: Bellatrix

My Wordless Wednesday post was some photos of our cat Bellatrix. Yes, she was named after the witch in Harry Potter.  I know she is a “bad” character in the books, but I really loved the name and it seemed … Continue reading

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Naked Kitty

Today after church I had the grand plan to relax.  It’s quite cold and gray outside today, and I have a yucky cough; so, I was planning on lounging on the couch this afternoon while MJ took a nap.  Seeing … Continue reading

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Kickin’ the Cat Out

I feel horrible.  Guilty even.  But McKenzie has to go outside.  For good. The urine spraying started before Mary James was born.  We thought it was stress.  I got one of those Feliway plug-ins thinking it would help suppress his … Continue reading

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CAT-atrosphic Christmas Tree

This year I’ve been advised to enjoy my tree while Mary James isn’t walking.  Next year she will be 15 months old at Christmas and thus able to yank off ornaments, pull the tree on top of herself, yada yada.  … Continue reading

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Feeding Frenzy

I think the feeding frenzy is slowing.  Finally.  Mary James actually went a whole four hours today without eating.  This is the longest stretch of no breastfeeding for three days.   Stupid me didn’t catch a nap during this period.  Oh … Continue reading

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The Scoop on Cat Litter

Man there are a ton of cat litter choices out there!  Choosing a litter at a pet store has become a daunting task.  Clumping or not?  Crystals?  Perfumed or no?  Litter that changes color?    My cats are not terribly picky … Continue reading

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Urination Station (a.k.a. The Fireplace)

So, I think maybe I’m stressing out the animals.  I mean I’m super excited about the baby coming, but also a little nervous about doing everything right and having everything ready…which I know is impossible.  There is no room for … Continue reading

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Reasons to Spay and Neuter Your Pet

So, I’ve only been a licensed veterinarian for a little over a year, but man am I already sick of hearing excuses for why people don’t want to “fix”, spay, neuter, castrate, sterilize, “take away manhood/motherhood”, etc.  And no I’m … Continue reading

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