Halloween 2016

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this year! Mary James went as a mummy. Callie was a cupcake and also a pirate. Lily was a spider and Cinderella and then sleeping beauty. 😉 Jude was a pumpkin! Annabeth was a baby bumblebee. We went to Boo at Zoo and we went on a Thursday so it wasnt crowded at all yay!! The big girls even talked Ben into riding the zipline! We also did the hayride, a vortex, bounce house, carnival games, corn pit and trick-or-treating.

We also did a trunk-or-treat at Grammys church! The kids loved the face paint!

On Halloween night the whole family come over for hotdogs and chili then trick or treating.

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Mountain trip 2016

Often having 5 kids doesn’t “seem” like a lot of kids because they are all SO different…until we take a family photo and I see them all together.😂 Or when I pack for a short trip…SO many clothes and diapers and shoes and swimsuits.😁 Or when you have 7 people in one hotel room.😳😜 That said Annabeth slept 8 hours last night…maybe we should always all sleep in the same room?!!! HA!!! And I’m not complaining….I love my kids and I’m beyond thankful and grateful for each one, I’ve always wanted a large family.😊

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Kindergarten & 2nd grade pics!

Callie didn’t want to smile because “I wanted to be home…I was sad and wanted you mama.” 😉

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Sweet siblings

These kids truly do love each other! 🙂

Jude loves holding Annabeth’s hand.

Lily loves holding her and “fuzzing” her hair. 😉

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Playing in the dirt

Jude loves being barefoot and playing outside!

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Annabeth 3 months

Hard to believe sweet Annabeth was still in my belly 3 months ago!

3 months old:

– smiling

– cooing 

– trying hard to suck your thumb 

– more awake during the day time

– loves laying on her belly

– eating every 2-3 hours 

– sleeping 6-7 hours!!!!!!

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Middle of September

This week…

Tea party!

Sleepover in MJ’s room 😉

So proud she can write her name!

MJ is growing up SO fast!

Lily loves to be completely accessorized when she leaves the house…purse, sunglasses, necklace & a toy or stuffed animal.

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Hand, Foot & Mouth

Jude, Callie & Lily got The hand, foot and mouth virus. Jude had it the worst, the girls had sore throats…poor kiddos! 🙁 Mary James escaped the illness! Yay! And Annabeth was protected due to breastfeeding. Hooray!

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Annabeth 12 weeks old

Hard to believe you’re almost 3 months old! We love you so much sweet smiley girl!

You can:

– smile 

– coo

– grab things and hold on to them…your sisters think it’s funny when you grab their hair

– you are awake more during the day which we all love!

– nursing every 2-3 hours…you sleep for 5 or 6 hours at night 🙂

– you sleep much better “in the middle of it all” the noisier the better! Your daddy says you’ve never known quiet! Even in the womb you could hear you siblings. 🙂

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Celebrating Father’s Day at Millers Grocery

VBS at Grammy’s church

At our cousin’s wedding

All 5 fit in the minivan! Yay!

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